Feel Yourself Flow: How to Style a Kaftan

Contemporary fashion is all about the big, bold, and beautiful. It is about change and trying out something unique everyday to stand out in a crowd. So if you are a fashionista in the 21st century, there is no reason for you not to have a few kaftan articles in your wardrobe! Originating from the Middle East, these printed silk and cotton garments look absolutely gorgeous on anyone.

The beauty of a kaftan lies in its versatility. Loose, flowy, and incredibly light, you can style your kaftan in any season and wear it for any occasion, casual or formal. Kaftans find their place among some of the hottest trends in the modern fashion industry but most people shy away from this item because they do not know how to style it. Here are some tips on how to best style your kaftans for different settings:

As Beachwear

Kaftans are most commonly worn in outdoor settings, like on the beach. Its long, light, and flowy nature makes it the perfect summer companion. Throw on an untied kafta on top of your beachwear as a coverup for protection as well as sophisticated style.

Formal Occasions

For more formal settings, you are better off with longer and more form flattering kaftans. You can also highlight your form by adding a wide belt to your silk kaftan outfit. Pair it with some elegant jewelry and a clutch for a professional look. 

For Casual Hangouts

Kaftans are great for casual hangouts because they are just as comfortable as they are fashionable. You can add a knee length kaftan over an everyday T-shirt and jeans look for some flair. Add a floppy straw hat and some sunglasses to your outfit for a chill, laid-back look. Or pair it with some leggings or slim fitting trousers to make it chic. The possibilities are endless!

Try out some of these styles for yourself by heading over to our store and treating yourself to some of the featured Kaftan items. Happy styling!