Arpan Bhowmik
Arpan Bhowmik

Arpan Bhowmik

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Known for his expertise in acrylic and watercolours, Bhowmik’s largely monochromatic cityscapes have a splash of colour thrown in ever so often lending his art a surreal effect. Having lived in Kolkata all his life, the artist is deeply inspired and pours his love for his hometown with effortless strokes on canvas.

Bhowmik’s ‘A journey Through Kolkata’ series showcases the vintage theme of the heritage city. Playing a lot with light and shadow in most of his work, Arpan makes sure the time of the day evident in his artwork despite it being largely in black and white.

Various means of transport catch Bhowmik’s fancy often and he claims that it is his way of channelling his creativity from himself onto his audience. Be it an auto, a tram, a taxi or a rickshaw, the artist pay so much attention to detail that the painting looks as realistic as a picture.

30" x 40“, Acrylic On Canvas