Sachin Jaltare
Sachin Jaltare

Sachin Jaltare

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A versatile and celebrated artist Sachin Jaltare is a contemporary Indian artist whose mixed media paintings have

an intrinsic sense of fluidity, freedom and sensuality. He delicately balances the abstract and figurative, the traditional and contemporary, the mortal and divine. While his softly-hued subjects appear on the verge of blending into their surroundings, they never fully disappear.

‘Shiva’ and ‘Shakti’ form the basic core of art by Sachin Jaltare. Shiva is the god who destroys the universe in order to recreate it, while his feminine counterpart Shakti represents creative power and transformative change. In the artist’s delicate brush, these two deities emerge from the watery paint, as if paused in a moment of creation or destruction. In his other original works, recurring female forms represent divine energy, and monkeys refer to the wandering mind.

24" x 24“, Acrylic On Canvas